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World Shapers

World Shapers

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  • Description
    Outwit your opponents to gather resources from the four elements air earth fire and water in order to invigorate your world building power and create the grandest of grand worlds! World Shapers is a card drafting game in which 14 players compete for elemental source materials in order to create and shape new worlds! Over the course of just a few rounds you must carefully draft the necessary cards outwit your opponents and take advantage of powerful synergies. Utilize power crystals to enhance previously collected cards. Each turn you must choose one card from those available to you and either add it to your collection exchange it for a different card from the common pool or discard the card to gain a power crystal. At the end of the final round plays score their cards by adding the creation points provided by each card in their collection.
  • Details
    Ages: 10+
    Designer: Mariusz Milewski
    Family: N/A
    Players: 1-4
    Publisher: Board&Dice
    Time: 30
    Year: 2019